Nicholson Financial Service considers the security of its customers' information to be of utmost importance. We allocate significant resources to protect customer data securely while facilitating interactions on our site. We employ advanced security procedures and encryption systems that are globally recognized.

Recommendations and Guidelines for Site Usage:

Encrypted Communications:

Verify the presence of a closed lock or complete key symbol in the upper or lower section of the browser window, depending on the browser version. This symbol appears during transaction execution. Double-clicking on it displays the digital certificate issued to our site.

Ensure that the issuing organization is "GoDaddy" and that the certificate was issued to Nicholson Financial Service.


Access the system by entering your username and password.

Keep this data confidential and do not disclose it to others.

When logging in, ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot view your personal identifying details.


Choose a password that is difficult to decipher and includes random characters and digits.

Change your password every three months.

If you suspect that your password has been compromised, change it immediately.

End of Activity in the System:

Always log out by pressing the "Logout" button.

Information Security Resources within Nicholson Financial Service System:

Access to the site system is secured and controlled by a firewall, permitting access only to necessary services.

All information transmitted between the site and your personal computer is encrypted using a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate provided by "GoDaddy."

Nicholson Financial Service supervises and monitors system communications, recording all activities.

Regular information security checks are conducted by our experts. All policies and processes are regularly re-evaluated to ensure that the client gets the safest trading experience.

We continually re-evaluate policies and processes to ensure the utmost safety for our clients' trading experience.


To ensure investors that they are leaders in the Forex market, Nicholson Financial Service uses the most modern trading systems.